Bruce Prichard On How He Felt About Ricky Steamboat As An Agent

Bruce Prichard On How He Felt About Ricky Steamboat As An Agent

During a recent episode of “Something To Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard revealed that although he was a fantastic performer, Ricky Steamboat wasn’t nearly as good of an agent. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, I’ll probably get a lot of hate mail for this. So if you want to send your hate tweets, send them to [Thompson’s Twitter handle]. Ricky Steamboat [was] probably one of the most beautiful, smooth workers in the business. I could watch Ricky Steamboat matches all day long. I think he was effortless in the way that Ricky worked a match. What I think the issue was, was while Ricky could go out and perform, that Ricky couldn’t always articulate how and/or why he did the things he did. It was just second nature for Steamboat to go out and have a match. Ricky could get inside of a ring, and he was at home. Ricky didn’t have to think about anything that he did in the ring, it just came naturally. And Rick Steamboat had a connection with the audience that he could take them on a ride, and bring them on his journey inside the ring so that they felt they were in there with him. However, for Rick to articulate that and tell someone else how to do that? I think that’s where the breakdown was, and maybe why Rick didn’t last as long. Because you’d think it was a natural. You’d think one of the greatest workers in the business could easily tell you why.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T 411Mania.


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