Bruce Prichard On If Eddie Guerrero Was A Box Office Disappointment As Champion

On the latest episode of “Something To Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard discussed Eddie Guerrero’s title run in 2004. Contrary to popular opinion, Prichard revealed that Guerrero’s title reign did well at the box office. Here are the highlights:

On If Guerrero’s Title Run Struggled Financially:

I disagree with that. Because Eddie knew what his job was, and Eddie’s job — Eddie was coming in at a very difficult time. Eddie did very well at the box office, and Eddie actually had turned some things around when you go back and look at it from where it was.

On Eddie Getting JBL Over:

Eddie was used — without Eddie Guerrero, there would be no JBL. Because Eddie took that as his project. ‘I’m gonna get this guy over,’ that we tried a lot of different gimmicks with. The APA was over, that s**t was over good. But here now John, as a singles [guy], can he be an attraction? And Eddie looked at it as a challenge, and Eddie looked at it as, ‘Yeah, I’ll make him an attraction. I’ll get that son of a b***h over bigger than he’s ever been, and bigger than anybody could imagine.’ That’s what Eddie did.

On Eddie Giving Himself Anxiety:

Eddie would give himself anxiety if his sleeves were too long on his shirt, okay?’ [laughs] Eddie would overthink a lot of different things, and Eddie might have felt if anything, feedback to me from Eddie directly was, Eddie hated being hurt. Eddie wanted to work through injuries, Eddie didn’t want to go home. That was Eddie’s downfall. Eddie’s downfall was, ‘No, I’m fine, I can go.’ ‘No Eddie, you’re hurt. You need to recuperate. You need to stay home, and you know what? Probably being off TV for a little bit of time could help all of us in the long run.’ And that is something that Eddie’s gonna go ‘Oh, s**t.’ You can second-guess that until the cows come home, of ‘Oh s**t, they don’t want me at TV. They don’t need me, I’m a failure, they don’t want me.’ No. That wasn’t the case. And I can see Eddie working himself up into that. But at the same time, he also appreciated it, and he knew what the best thing in the long run was for him.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T 411Mania.


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