Bruce Prichard On Randy Savage Almost Signing With WWE In 1996, Repackaging Tito Santana & Tony Atlas

On the latest episode of “Something to Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard discussed the backstage situation of the WWE in 1996. He revealed that the WWE was very close to re-signing Randy Savage after his initial WCW deal expired. He also spoke on the WWE’s thought process to repackage Tito Santana and Tony Atlas into El Matador and Saba Simba, and why neither gimmick ultimately worked. Here are the highlights:

On Almost Re-Signing Randy Savage In 1996:

It is true. Randy and I talked and we had gone back and forth on a contract and then it fell apart. I think we were far apart on money and dates. At that time Vince wasn’t big on limited number of dates for talent; you are either under contract or you are not and Randy wanted so many dates so it just got crossways at some point and I am the one who had to deliver the message.

On Why Repackaging Tito Santana & Tony Atlas Didn’t Work:

Tito went to matador training in Mexico and learned how to be a matador and the whole nine yards. Did the training, lived down there for a little while and was all about it and ready to do it. It was a change; it freshened up his gimmick a little bit but after a while there was only so much you can do with El Matador.

Saba Simba, Tony Atlas, same thing. I think that Tony was looking to revive his career but Tony Atlas as Tony Atlas was so recognizable. Tito Santana was El Matador, it wasn’t like we were trying to hide Tito Santana and Tony Atlas as Saba Simba, it just didn’t fit. He was Mr. USA who was from Roanoke, Virginia and that one was just a harder sell and flew in the face of everything and wasn’t good. It didn’t last long thank God.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T WrestlingInc.

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