Bruce Prichard On The Heart Attack Angle With Eddie Guerrero's Mother

Bruce Prichard On The Heart Attack Angle With Eddie Guerrero’s Mother

On the latest episode of “Something to Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard looks at the angle between Eddie Guerrero and JBL that resulted in Eddie Guerrero’s mother having a “heart attack”. Prichard revealed that Eddie’s mother actually went to the hospital. Here are the highlights:

On The Angle Getting A Bit Too Real:

During this time, Bradshaw would interrupt and approach Eddie’s mom and go down as if she was having complications and trouble breathing, not go all the way as to say she would have a heart attack or something like that but just that she was in shock. And this would infuriate Eddie Guerrero, so he would want to destroy John Layfield. Their family doctor was actually the doctor that we were going to use for the shoot. And Eddie and Chavito (Chavo Guerrero Jr.) and Chavo Sr., Chavo Classic, were there. Eddie was the baby of the family, and Eddie and his mom were very, very close. And so Chavo Classic was like, “Hey, man! Why don’t we get some color on mom! Let’s get some color on her! Just a little bit! Let them get to her!” Eddie’s getting hot, ‘No! God dammit! We’re not touching my mother!’ And the hotter Eddie got, the more Chavo Classic would suggest outlandish things. Like, ‘Momma, you can take that clothesline, right? Or how about the boot? The boot’s safe.’ And of course, she’s laughing and fine with it. And Eddie’s getting madder and madder and madder. Nobody’s going to touch my mother, so much so that I just wanted John to approach her, not touch her. I said, ‘Eddie. Let him go to take the flowers.’ And all this hoopla going on, and she wasn’t feeling all that well anyway. But in the hoopla, she lost her breath and went down before she was supposed to go down. I’m going like, ‘God dammit! F***ing Guerrero missing their cue!’ But it was very real because it was real. Her doctor is looking at me going, ‘I think she’s having a heart attack.’ I said, ‘We’re not going to go to the heart attack route, and then I realized, he’s serious. And it went from an angle to ‘We gotta get her the f*** outta here.’

On The Aftermath:

And we had all the paramedics. We had real paramedics. We had her actual doctor, and we had a real [ambulance]. We had everything there. So she ended up going and getting checked out. Thank god it was not as bad as we had originally planned. Eddie I thought was going to kill me because in his head, it was my idea, and I put his mother in danger. So, I should be the one to be killed. Now, they all loved it when I pitched it. Yeah, it’s not a lot of fun dealing with a pissed off Guerrero. They can be really intense sometimes. We had a state trooper — John’s car was in the back because the El Paso crowd can be a little hot sometimes. After this, we had Layfield get right in his car and take off with a state trooper escorting him. So, they took him right to the state line and said, ‘You’re on your own sir.’ We went to the city line, and he was gone. But yeah, that was a fun phone call to make that night.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T 411Mania


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