Bruce Prichard On The Vince McMahon/Steve Austin Hospital Segment, Vince Russo’s Role

On a recent episode of “Something to Wrestle”, Bruce Prichard discussed one of the most well-known segments in the history of Monday Night Raw, the hospital scene between Vince McMahon and Steve Austin. Prichard revealed that Vince Russo was heavily involved in the production and that he doesn’t get enough credit for how it went down. Here are the highlights:

On The Hospital Segment & Vince Russo’s Role:

Yeah, it’s funny, you talk about that bedpan. That was a real bedpan. Very stiff bedpan, that left a knot on Vince’s head the size of a huge egg. But so much stuff — and again, this is one of those places that Vince Russo doesn’t get enough credit. Because this was a Russo production, and this was something that he’d talked about with Vince McMahon as something that he’d worked out with Mick Foley and Steve to get that classic s**t.

On Vince’s Willingness To Shift Towards More Improvised Segments:

Vince McMahon was becoming a lot more open to, ‘Let’s try some different hings. Let’s do s**t we haven’t done before.’ And Mick Foley was so good off the cuff that Vince trusted Mick and allowed him to go out and have fun. And I think it was Al Snow that came up with the [Mr. Socko gimmick]. And Yurple the Clown, that was her debut and that was a one-off that became a reoccurring character that everyone’s like, ‘What the f**k? What are we gonna do with Yurple? Can we teach her to take a bump?’ All of that, and that was during a time that…it was not heavily scripted. It was an idea, it was a scene that Vince and Austin, ’cause they had such great chemistry. You throw Mick Foley into that as well. They had such great chemistry and were so good off the cuff, they made that s**t memorable. Without, ‘Oh, I say this and I move here.’ It was, ‘Here’s the scene, here’s what we want. Have a fight, kick his ass, go from there.’ And that was the beauty of what was happening during that time.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: Something To Wrestle. H/T 411Mania.

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