Bruce Prichard Says the Internet Fans’ Heat on Hulk Hogan Is Due to his Success

Hulk Hogan

During his Something to Wrestle With podcast, Bruce Prichard commented on Hulk Hogan and why he’s so hated by internet wrestling fans. According to Prichard, it was because of Hogan’s success. Below are some highlights (transcript via

Bruce Prichard on why the IWC hates Hulk Hogan: “Because he was successful. He was the most successful. He was the most over and he was the man. It’s en vogue to hate people that are successful, I think.”

Prichard on how merchandise sales for Hogan compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin during his era on top: “I’d say they were comparable. Austin obviously blew Hogan away in terms of number of shirts sold because of all of that different time, different place; but, for live event sales, but even then they brought more for Austin because they knew what that was and for Hogan it was still at a time when they were experimenting with merchandising sales. If you were to go apples to apples, I bet they would probably be comparable.”

Prichard on how merchandise was done beforehand: “Also, you have to understand as well that for the smaller territories and how we had done merchandise before was you had a merchandise person that hauled that stuff from town to town. Now when they’re running major arenas, you had to drop huge quantities of all your merchandise to an arena where they would then count it all out. Then you would bring a person in. They would count it. The arena would sell your merchandise for you. They would take a percentage and settle up with you at the end of the night, so there was sometimes just no way of knowing until you’re into it so yeah, it was all new in the mid-80s; but, Hulkamania that was the shirt.”

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