Bubba Ray On Using His “Bully” Characters At G1 Supercard & More

Bubba Ray Dudley was recently interviewed by Fightful. During the interview, he discussed being able to bring his “Bully” characters to G1 Supercard and whether he believes another ROH/NJPW collaboration could occur at MSG in 2020. Here are the highlights:

On Being Able To Bring His Character To MSG:

As far as bringing Bully Ray to Madison Square Garden, it is a bucket list item that I only added to the bucket list recently when I saw there would be an event at Madison Square Garden. With all of the great Ring of Honor talent, the great New Japan talent, I wasn’t guaranteed a spot on the card. I did what I had to do-character, storytelling, wrestling-wise to make sure that I earned myself a spot. I’m proud of the fact I was able to do that. I created the Bully Ray character. Nobody created it for me. I moved it forward. I’m talking about when I originally invented it in TNA. This was my creation and when you can bring your creation to the G1 Supercard, it is a very good feeling and sense of accomplishment.

On If He Sees Another Joint Show Between ROH & NJPW In 2020:

The next year I don’t even think about. Who knows what even is going to happen next year? Hopefully Ring of Honor, Madison Square Garden and New Japan Pro Wrestling continue to have a good relationship. Hopefully all parties want to do business again.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: Fightful. H/T 411Mania

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