Bubba Ray On Whether He Thinks The Face/Heel Dynamic Still Matters, NY Fans

Bubba Ray recently spoke with Interactive Wrestling Radio. During the interview, he discussed whether he still believes that the face/heel dynamic is relevant in today’s wrestling landscape as well as gave his thoughts on NY wrestling fans. Here are the highlights:

On Whether The Face/Heel Dynamic Still Matters:

I think it is very important to have the heel / face dynamic in wrestling. It is one of the main foundations of the pro wrestling industry. It has worked from day one. I think it can continue going forward. I don’t like my wrestling to be gray. I like my athletes, my performers, my wrestlers to have a clear cut emotion and emotional investment. I want to love somebody or hate somebody. I don’t believe there is anybody in the wrestling business in the entire world who is better at being hated than me.

On NY Wrestling Fans:

New York City is the capitol of the world in my opinion. Obviously, Madison Square Garden is the arena of arenas. That is why they call it the Mecca! And, the New York City fan base, when it comes to professional wrestling, has always been extremely loyal and passionate. When you talk about the best wrestling fans in the world, New York fans are right up there with Philadelphia fans and Chicago fans. You know, when you perform in front of a New York crowd, that you had better bring your A game because they are not afraid to show you how they feel.

You can check out the interview below:

Credit: Interactive Wrestling Radio. H/T WrestlingEpicenter.com

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