“Bullet” Bob Armstrong On His Son Going Into The Hall Of Fame, His Own Induction

Bullet Bob Armstrong joined “Chairshots to the Cranium” recently. During the appearance, he discussed his son, The Road Dogg, being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. He also discussed his own induction back in 2011. Here are the highlights:

On The Road Dogg Being Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame:

It’s a funny thing, you say the father/son that we were the fourth [to go into the WWE Hall of Fame]. I don’t know what number we were in the Marine Corp, but in 1957 I joined the Marines and made Outstanding Man out of Paris Island, and then 30 years exactly later in 1987, my son Brian [Road Dogg] also made Outstanding Man and I got to go see him graduate because of that.

That was a wonderful thing too. So, we kind of joined at the hip at a few father/son deals.

On Whether He Will Be Attending The Ceremony:

I’m not sure yet if I’m going to be able to be there or not. I’m fighting bone cancer and I’m not going to take any chemotherapy or anything like that. I’m just going to let nature take its course and so far I’m winning the battle.

On Being Surprised That He Was Inducted In 2011:

I thought they had the wrong number. No, I’m kidding [laughs]. That shocked me so bad, I had to say; who is this? It took me a minute to process it in my old brain. When I did, it was pure elation…. I wear this ring with honor.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: Chairshots to the Cranium. H/T WrestlingInc.


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