C.M. Punk, Jim Cornette & Others Respond To John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight”

John Oliver

As earlier reported, John Oliver unleashed fury on the WWE last night over their independent contractor policy. Many wrestlers and personalities that no longer work for the WWE have come out to speak on the issue, including C.M. Punk and Jim Cornette. Here is what they had to say:

Ryback also was happy to hear the report:

Ryback: Every wrestler and every fan should watch this and understand what has been going on for far too long.
It’s 2019 and I have no doubts changes will be made sooner rather than later.

After a fan expressed outrage, Ryback doubled down on his words:

You’re a f—ing idiot. Everything the guy said is 100 percent true. Unless you have been there and actually understand what is going on shut the f— up. You’re a f—ing mark and not a fan, remember that.

Ryback did try to put a positive spin on the situation, stating that it could be the catalyst for change:

If every single WWE talent retweeted this today there would be a real chance for change, but if they all don’t do it they risk the consequences. It’s up to us as humans to hold them accountable for the environment they created. Now is the time for this s— to change.

Jim Cornette Also Had Incredibly High Praise For The Segment:

Cornette: Well, after a complete viewing, this is the absolute most truthful outside media piece I’ve seen on wrestling in over 40 years.

Hangman Page took a slightly different spin – stating that the piece showed just how little control the wrestlers have over their contracts, and how additional competition will be good for everyone:

Gail Kim sent out several Tweets in support of the piece:


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