Card Changes to TLC’s Planned Matches

Card Changes to TLC’s Planned Matches

It’s looking like WWE may be changing matches on tonight’s TLC card as several matches have been changed recently.

To make up for some of the matches being changed, WWE will add some last minute additions to the pre-show.

The planned match between Nakamura and Braun Strowman will obviously not be happening. Strowman recently posted an update confirming that he’s not medically cleared to wrestle. He missed a house show recently due to back spasms.

The match between Randy Orton and A.J. Styles will be taking place on Raw, not the PPV. The original plan was for the match to take place at TLC, but a last minute decision was made to remove it.

WWE was building up to a match between Bayley and Lacey Evans, but the WWE decided it was too early to see that match on PPV so it has been removed as well. The match is now being planned for the Royal Rumble.



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