Cass On Which Wrestler Reached Out To Him After His Seizure

Cass On Which Wrestler Reached Out To Him After His Seizure

During his recent appearance on “Talk Is Jericho”, Cass revealed that DDP was the first wrestler to reach out to him after he had his seizure, and was instrumental in helping him move forward. Here’s what he had to say:

DDP’s a guy that I knew — so WrestleMania weekend and PPVs and stuff when you run into Hall of Famers or people who are in the hotel, it’s always that, ‘Are you excited for Sunday? Okay, all right, hi, goodbye.’ Me and DDP would always chat. Half-hour, hour, something like that. So we had this connection every time we saw each other. So then when I had the seizure he called me. We had a heart-to-heart, and then he kept checking in with me. And then after we did the Garden in April, the night before WrestleMania, he had heard from somebody that I was sober, in great shape, doing well. So he called me and congratulated me on that and was like, ‘All right. Now me and you are gonna get work, we’re gonna get you back in shape for wrestling, to make a wrestling comeback.’

Not only that, DDP is very positive, he has a great mindset. He’s helped me mentally, emotionally. When I stay with him, it’s like a family atmosphere. So we do DDP Yoga, we get to work, but at the same time I feel like part of the family. We eat dinner together, me and his family. So he’s helped me, I’d say more importantly on the emotional and mental side of things than the physical. The physical, definitely he’s helped me stay in shape, get in better shape, be more flexible, things I need to perform wrestling-wise. But more importantly, he’s helped me, like I said, mentally.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Talk is Jericho. H/T 411Mania.


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