Cesaro On Whose Idea “The Bar” Was & More

Cesaro was recently interviewed by talkSPORT. During the interview, he revealed that it was Mick Foley that came up with the idea for ‘The Bar’, as well as discussed how he found out that the team was going to be broken up. Here are the highlights:

On How He Found Out ‘The Bar’ Was Breaking Up:

See, I was traded after the Superstar Shakeup. So, I actually thought that The Bar may not have been broken up, you know? You never know! Then, all of a sudden I get a message like ‘Hey, your travel changed,’ and I’m like ‘Ah, OK yeah, guess I’m a Raw guy now!’

On Mick Foley Coming Up With The Idea For ‘The Bar’:

For all I know, yes, it was his idea to put us together. He saw something in that and he was lobbying for the best-of-seven series and then to make us a team. So, thank you Mick!

You can read the full interview HERE

Credit: talkSPORT.

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