Chad Gable on Having the Deck Stacked Against Him, Being Ready for Baron Corbin In the WWE KOTR Finals

Below is video of Chad Gable talking to Cathy Kelley about his WWE King of the Ring finals match against Baron Corbin on next week’s RAW from Knoxville, TN. Gable also talks about his surprise win over Shane McMahon, who was replacing the injured Elias.

“Yeah, tonight was a tough one,” Gable said. “I, as a competitor, hate to see something like that happened to Elias happen, and I was ready for whoever they were going to put me with, but this… I did not expect, for him to stack the deck against me the way he did tonight. So, not only is it the short jokes, it’s stupid little immature stuff like they’ve been doing, it’s them trying to stack the deck to make sure that I can’t succeed, to make sure I can’t achieve. After tonight, there’s going to be no more questions, stack the odds all you want, OK? Because I’m here, I’ve proven myself week after week and I’m going to continue to do it.”

Gable continued about Corbin and said, “Well, I will definitely be the shorter guy in this match compared to some of the other ones, but we have a little bit of history going back to NXT, not a lot, but enough to where I can have a game plan, and I do have a game plan. He’s going to be one of the biggest guys I’ve ever wrestled and I’m ready for that. Big guys don’t scare me, big guys… they fall hard, I know that much.”

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