Charlotte Flair On Wanting To Make Sure The Wrestlemania Main Event Lives Up To The Hype & More

Charlotte Flair On Wanting To Make Sure The Wrestlemania Main Event Lives Up To The Hype & More

Charlotte Flair was recently interviewed by “State of Combat”. During the interview, she discussed the main event of Wrestlemania and how important it is to her that the match be of a quality worthy of the spot. Here are the highlights:

On The Main Event:

This might be the pinnacle of the women’s evolution, but I still want to move that goal post. If you could see my smile right now—I’m beaming. I want to tell you that it hit me, but it hasn’t.

Vince told us, all three, personally, just how proud he was and congratulations, and that we earned it. Coming from the boss, it just meant so much. He is trusting us with his biggest show of the year, and his belief in us is what means so much.

I didn’t know if we were going to be the main event. I had hoped and thought if we’re going to be the main event, why hasn’t it been announced? There are other matches being announced as the main event, so are we the main event or are we not? So, I was still a little surprised when I got the call.

On The Men’s Reaction To The Women Headlining:

I’m sure they want the moment [themselves], but they’re supportive and proud of us. Any time we’ve done well on a pay-per-view—TLC or my match at Survivor Series, even Evolution, my Last Woman Standing match with Becky—they’ve been supportive the whole way. They see how hard we work. We’re given the same opportunities to tell a story, and right now our story is what should be the main event, and they are proud of us.

On The Change In Women’s Wrestling Being Organic:

I think the key is, and this has always been my thing—when I’m out there performing, I want the viewer to get lost in the fact that I’m a woman, that I’m just as good as the guys. When you’re saying ‘women’s wrestling’, it’s like no, these matches are just wrestling, it’s just sports entertainment. With the caliber of talent we have, and the storytelling and the ability and the amount of time and the same opportunities, with ladder matches, Royal Rumbles, Elimination Chambers—no, it’s just sports entertainment. You’re not going ‘oh, that’s just a good women’s match.’ No, that’s just a good match. For me, every time I step out of [the Gorilla Position] and I make my entrance, I go ‘you know what, I’m going to have the best match on the show because I’m that good.’ That’s what I think to myself. I want to be the best talent in terms of in the ring. It’s just about having the audience watch and get lost in the match, and not going ‘ah, it’s just a good women’s match.’ [I want them to say] It’s just a good match, period.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: State of Combat. H/T Wrestlezone.


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