Chris Jericho On Whether He’d Fight In MMA, His Thoughts On The Women’s Main Event & More

Chris Jericho recently sat down for an interview with “Cheddar”. During the interview, he discussed why he decided to sign with AEW, whether he’s ever considered fighting MMA and gave his thoughts on the first all female Wrestlemania main event. Here are the highlights:

On Why He Signed With AEW:

It was just the right move for me knowing that I would be doing something that I had never done before, which was starting a company from scratch.

On Wanting To Provide An Alternative:

It’s something that I think people and wrestling fans have been waiting for because it’s been a long time with just the WWE.

On If He’d Ever Fight MMA:

No, it’s funny though, I have been doing MMA training to get ready for our big show, Double Or Nothing May 25 in Vegas. It’s so cool to do a different type of training and when I’m in there I feel like I’m going to fight Conor McGregor, ‘I can do this.’ Obviously, you can’t. But just to be in there and do something different, it’s a lot of fun. Cause you’re kicking and you’re punch, elbow, punch elbow. Get the tackle dummy, beat the tackle dummy up. So, it’s fun to do it when you’re practicing, but to do it in real life, I’d probably take one punch and start crying. Maybe. But the concept of it is – invigorating is the word I use.

On The All Women’s Wrestlemania Main Event:

I think the fact that you had the first-ever women’s main event in the league is just basically the way things are now for the sport of wrestling as they should be,” Jericho said. “If you go back 10 years ago women were wrestling in bra and panties matches and water gun fights, which is fine too, but this brings a much more serious slant to it as well.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE

Credit: Cheddar.

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