Cody and Dustin Rhodes on Beating The Usos “For Two Years Straight”, Brandi Rhodes – Allie Hype, More on Final “Road to Fight for the Fallen” Episode (Video)

Above is the third and final episode of AEW’s “Road to Fight for the Fallen” series, featuring more build for Saturday’s Fight for the Fallen event from Jacksonville, FL.

Alex Marvez hypes Saturday’s apparent main event with The Young Bucks vs. AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes, billed as a Dream Tag Team Match. The Rhodes Brothers were interviewed and it was noted that it’s been 1,609 days since they teamed up. This will be Dustin’s first time going at it with The Bucks, and he noted that he would never say no to Cody asking him to team up, but he really wanted to retire. Dustin added that he’s done a little bit of scouting on The Bucks, and their in-ring work kind of scares him. Cody praised them and said they do everything in the ring. Dustin said he respects their abilities but they make fun of people a lot and that gets under his skin.

Cody recalled a recent dinner with AEW officials and TNT network officials. He said AEW President Tony Khan was talking about how good the Rhodes Brothers were, and Khan, as a fan of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, said they were “critically reviewed well.” This praise for the Rhodes Brothers apparently shocked AEW Executive Vice President Kenny Omega. Cody was taken aback by Omega’s reaction. Cody said of Omega, “This is the same guy who thinks Taka Michinoku is a legend, but he doesn’t know about The Brotherhood, he doesn’t know about Dustin and I.”

Dustin responded and recalled how the Rhodes Brothers were the first team to defeat The Shield in WWE. He added, “We were the first team to beat The Shield. So, they weren’t watching? They didn’t see that or is that just bullshit?”

Cody said they weren’t watching or they were pretending to not watch, but he was watching all of their top matches on the indies and they are at a disadvantage.

He said, “I was watching all of that. I think me being so familiar with them, they’re at a complete disadvantage because they seem to be unfamiliar with us. I mean if you check social media, they’re flirting with The Usos regularly. We beat The Usos’ ass for like two years straight. So, I think they’re at a true disadvantage here. I think people who are Elite fans would absolutely think this is some sort of odd-man pairing, this isn’t We were a great tag team. To think mainstream and put your nose down at us because we were on TV making money, screw that. I may be a little more mad about it than I thought.”

Dustin then looked at the camera and asked, “Are you that good, Young Bucks?”

“Guess we’ll find out,” Cody said.

“Yep, we will,” Dustin added.

Brandi Rhodes is also featured as she trains for her first AEW match on Saturday, against Allie. Allie appears and they shake hands, then hug, after a few friendly but competitive words. Allie is interviewed and she mentions her run as Impact Knockouts Champion.

AEW Vice President of Business Operations Nik Sobic appears in the video and notes that the venue, Daily’s Place, was designed three years ago by AEW owner Shad Khan. Sobic said there’s not a bad seat in the whole venue, which is outdoor and usually used for concerts.

This episode also features hype for Sonny Kiss vs. Peter Avalon on the “Buy In” pre-show, and more build for Saturday’s event. You can find the updated Fight for the Fallen card by clicking here.

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