Cody Rhodes Acknowledges “Suck it Vince” Sign After Dynamite Went Off The Air

After Dynamite went off the air tonight, Cody Rhodes came to the ring to announce that AEW would be returning to Indianapolis next year. He said he’d have to go back and watch the whole show again because he was busy getting the news that AEW would return next year. He said he appreciated everyone being here… then stopped mid sentence and looked at the guy holding the sign and said, “Let’s see that sign again”. Then everyone started chanting “Suck it Vince”. Cody replied, “I really can not say anything. I think the sign says it all”.

Additionally, to end the show, Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega were passing out free t-shirts. Nick even threw the shirt off his back. Nick joked that they were going to throw the AAA title as well but Kenny stopped him. So they agreed to give away one of the AEW turnbuckles. Nick said they should give it to the guy holding the “Suck it Vince” sign.

Watch the videos below.

Thanks to Tim Rose for the details and to AEW for the press pass!


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