Cody Rhodes Releases Statement On His Match Against His Brother

Cody Rhodes released a video in advance of his match against his brother, Dustin Runnels, at “Double or Nothing”.

Cody prefaces his comments by stating that he’ll always love his brother and at one point, Dustin was his hero. However, he goes on from there to say that he’s tired of being compared to his brother, and that this isn’t really about a battle between brothers, but a battle between generations.

Cody states that he is as equally tired of being compared to the Attitude Era. He asks if any of the bra and panties matches were really any better than what the women did at “All In” on October 1st. He asks if as electrifying as The Rock was, was he really any better than C.M. Punk the night he sat on the stage.

Here’s the full video of Cody’s statement:

Credit: AEW.

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