Cody Rhodes Speaks Up To Defend Brandi: “Racism is trash.”

There’s been a Twitter debacle online ever since CM Punk tagged Tony Khan in a tweet about WWE’s new talk show. Wrestlers have been coming to the defense of their friends and co-workers in response, including Charlotte, Brandi and Cody Rhodes. Tony responded to Punk by making a joke about WWE’s plane issues in Saudi Arabia. This caused Orton to tweet out an article from last year about Tony Khan’s father.

Khan followed up by reminding Orton of the time he dropped a racial slur during a Twitch broadcast. Brandi Rhodes declared Khan the winner of this keyboard war. Brandi’s tweet prompted Charlotte Flair to post a tweet with an eye rolling emoji. When someone tagged Cody Rhodes about his wife’s twitter presence, he responded:

This was all started because CM Punk was showing that he’s not a WWE employee and therefore can talk about anything he wants, including AEW and Tony Khan. WWE Backstage airs Wednesday Nights on FS1. You can view the original tweet that burgeoned all these issues here:


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