Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks On Kenny Omega Joining AEW

Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks On Kenny Omega Joining AEW

Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks took part in a media scrum following the “Double or Nothing” rally last night. During the scrum, they had a back and forth regarding Kenny Omega coming to AEW:

Nick: We were here two weeks ago, and we were standing right here, like ‘this is the shot! This is the shot, we’ve got to do it.’

Cody: I was hellbent on us doing it at the pool. I’m so sorry, guys.

Nick: Who knew it would be 40º? We were like ‘nope, we have to do it.’

Cody: MGM has been so accommodating. They have this room, that room, any room, and they said ‘pool’ and I was like [yeah, the pool!]

Nick: Matt actually tried to get the stage actually inside the pool, but that was a big no-no. Maybe in the summer. It’s been great though, this is huge.

Cody: Maybe another time. It’s just a stupid amount of fun.

Nick: I used to promote this stuff in my backyard, now I’m at the MGM Grand.

Cody: To have Kenny here, and to be able to do that, he had to wait a month, really. He had to see his friends go and get this all, to see him show up looking like a million dollars, you could see him light up. The light guides you home and it was special. I’m just emotional thinking about it for him, because I was excited to have him. The Elite’s together—except Marty, God bless his soul—but it’s great. The pre-sale opportunity looks like it went really well…

Nick: I don’t think that we can do numbers yet.

Cody: We can’t do numbers, but [the website crashed] in a good type of way. It’s up now and I was really happy. That was our way—with All In we learned maybe the best thing is to give our biggest fans, our most loyal supporters the first crack—that was our way of doing that.

You can listen to the scrum below:

Credit: AEW. H/T Wrestlezone.


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