SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: A Character Perspective – King Cuerno

Character Perspective
King Cuerno

It was Simba from the Lion King who once gleefully belted out the words “I just can’t wait to be King.”

As I continue my Season 4 preview mini-series, I intend to show you that we can’t apply the adventures of our animated furry friend to any given situation, because no one should want to be King Cuervo!

Yes, our resident deer antlered hunter may be cooler than the cool side of the pillow, but things seem to be heating up around him.

I’d like to take you back to his surprise re-appearance at Ultima Lucha Tres. Mil Muertes had just settled his war with Jeremiah Crane and Cage, as he claimed the latter’s Gauntlet of the Gods. Before the mystical being could surge through his body, you could argue that he was somehow saved from this fate from the returning King. Sure, he was absolutely decimated by his vengeful rival, though it can be argued that the Gauntlet is more of a curse than a blessing.

But it’s also a trophy.

After all, that is what fuels King Cuerno.

The Hunter did what no one could ever blame him for, he took out his rival who cost him many, MANY months of his career but he also claimed one of the most valuable possessions in Lucha Underground.

Judging by the proud look through his mask during the Season 3 Epilogue, you have to imagine that King Cuerno takes pride in this conquest; after all, the surging glove is now sealed within its own case. However, what I’m about to say is exactly why no one could envy this Luchador, for it seems that the Hunter has now become the prey.

The prize fighter will no doubt be stalked by the monster whom who he stole from. The undead Mil Muertes will be out for revenge for humiliating him and stealing his prize, literally straight from his hands. No matter the bad blood that these two men share however, you have the added factor of Catrina not even allowing her beast to relent. As we learnt last season, if she can deliver the Glove to her mother Captain Vasquez, she would be freed from her curse of wandering between the two realms of life and death.

Mil Muertes will of course be given his orders, but if last season continues to be any indication, he will be fuelled by love. It can be argued that said love is unrequited but that can be argued for another column. Nevertheless, it is also perhaps the same reason why King Cuerno could potentially be let off easily, for once Mil discovers who Catrina truly loves, you’d have to imagine that his heart will provide a diversion into another feud. Given the fact that she watched Fenix leave during the epilogue, you’d have to imagine that the Firebird soon become the new target of his greatest rival once more, whilst also being forced to fend off the challenge of the equally smitten Jeremiah Crane.

I’ve allowed myself to go into detail about that side plot because it is the same reason why King Cuerno may also be safe from the previous pursuers of the artefact. Yes, I’ve mentioned the idea that Jeremiah Crane is simply letting his black heart guide him through the Temple, but it can be argued that maybe the original holder of the glove – Cage – will find himself in that situation, given the fact that it will be hard for Lucha Underground to avoid mentioning his real-life relationship with Melissa Santos. Congratulations on the new arrival guys!

In fact, let us talk about new arrivals in a little bit more detail.

In spite of all of the attention that the Gauntlet will no doubt receive from the competitors, King Cuerno should be most wary of last season’s emerging antagonist, Agent Winter. It was Winter and his master The Lord who provides the Gauntlet to Dario as a way to transport the spirit of a God into a new vessel. Given the fact that Dario Cueto was killed in part due to his inability to control the situation, you have to wonder what terrible fate awaits our favourite prize fighter.

I can see King Cuerno having to fight off many hired goons to protect the Glove. Though one can argue that it seems to be kept safely within his trophy room, so was the body of Mil Muertes in Season 2 yet Catrina still found this hideaway and allowed all types of Hell to be unleashed. There is no way whatsoever that Lucha Underground will bring to us an entire season with the Gauntlet remaining safe.

Saying that, I didn’t think for a second that we would be entering Season 4 without a glimpse of the all-powerful Lord!

I’m going to stick with the obvious prediction though and say that King Cuerno’s story this season will see him fend off the initial challenge of Mil Muertes, who may too be approached by Agent Winter to deliver the Gauntlet to him and not Catrina. However, he will then be forced to take on several newcomers who will be brought to the Temple to seize the Gauntlet from him. It would be the perfect way to introduce new talent, giving them an instant purpose and helping to provide to us this new dynamic of King Cuerno being the hunted this time around.

Ultimately, I don’t see King Cuerno keeping this artefact unless he truly allows this God to consume him. It’s too powerful of a device for Lucha Underground to ignore. Why create a narrative device that will allow a character to become larger than life, only for it to never come to fruition?

I think King Cuerno is too precious of a character for him to lose his identity, and therefore I think one of Winter’s goons will eventually be successful before becoming one of the most powerful fighters that this world or another has ever seen.

I cannot imagine the trials and tribulations that could potentially come the Hunter’s way but if anyone can handle it, it’s the man who lives his life being one step ahead of the game.

Long live the King, but for how long indeed?


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