SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: A Character Perspective – Pentagon Dark

Character Perspective
Pentagon Dark

If I hadn’t have started this mini-series with my Season God winner, an equally fitting choice would have been the new Lucha Underground Champion himself. Pentagon was the second man to spring to mind, and it really mimics the majority of his LU career. He was the supporting face of Lucha Underground behind the now-departed Prince Puma and he was second best to Matanza during Ultima Lucha Tres…
But though he’s the second fighter that I’ve discussed, Pentagon is now THE man of the promotion.

When we were questioning whether it would be one of the two aforementioned men who would walk out of Ultima Lucha with the promotion’s greatest prize – Johnny Mundo or Prince Puma – it was the skeleton ninja who emerged as the Lucha Underground Champion, vanquishing arguably his biggest rival in doing so. Though we know Pentagon has Cero Miedo about his ability within the ring, there are two factors that I’m sure he can’t even deny were pivotal to this moment: The Gift of the Gods Championship and Vampiro.

We need to talk about the latter.

Last season we saw exactly how devious our friendly neighbourhood commentator / brooding dark supervillain can be. He started the season finding his way into Prince Puma’s head, leading the reluctant franchise player of Lucha Underground to his apparent death at the hands of Mil Muertes, only to use this moment to impose his will over the Prince’s body and mind. Puma would become a servant of the darkness, only for it to be revealed at Ultima Lucha that he was just a pawn in Vampiro’s game of chess, falling to Vamp’s bloodthirsty bishop – Pentagon.

The ‘reuniting’ of Vampiro and Pentagon Dark should have been a satisfying conclusion for any fan. Ever since their partnership was first revealed following their insanely brutal clash at the first Ultima Lucha, we’ve been treated to an “are they / aren’t they” story which has taken us through Vampiro’s psychological assessments, Pentagon becoming Batman to Matanza’s bane, a change of name and philosophy for the man with Cero Miedo and a brutal attack that should have severed these ties for good.

But it didn’t.

Instead, we saw that this partnership was still a thing as far as Ultima Lucha Tres was concerned. It was the conclusion that said otherwise.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Vampiro had accepted Pentagon as being his new master and that the roles were going to be reversed. Instead, we saw Vampiro as the student to some ominous figure that had been lurking in the Dojo the whole time. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we watched in complete and utter disbelief, as this black and white painted figure praised Vampiro with the words “you have done well.”

Now you’re probably thinking “Leaf, isn’t this a column about Pentagon? Why are you talking about everyone else but him?” and the answer to that is simple: Pentagon’s Cero Miedo lifestyle may have taken him to the championship, but it has also led him to be naive to the intentions of those close to him. When it comes to Pentagon, it is just as much about those around him as it is his own reckless self.

The man that our new champion SHOULD fear looked to be Bestia 666. The paint on Vampiro’s master’s face seemed to match the look of this California native – the same state in which Lucha Underground is based. There are many reasons why Bestia makes sense to play this role, and it will allow me to explain exactly who this Luchador is as I continue. The first of which lies within his name. Bestia is as satanic as they come. His father is the legendary Damián 666 whom, as his own name suggests, was based off the devil. If we believe that Bestia is the son of the devil himself, I think it’s hard to dispute the reasoning for him to be lurking in a dark candle lit dojo, and why Vampiro was able to have some form of vested power that allowed him to resurrect Prince Puma.

The second point to consider is that the two men have history. Oh yes. Though many would associate Pentagon Dark with the stable Los Perros Del Mal, and would be right to do so, it was Bestia 666 who was a part of the group before the emergence of our favourite skeleton ninja. This stable, most famous for their work in AAA, has featured several incarnations and Bestia and his father Damián 666 were both part of and had left the stable before Pentagon. Now whether Bestia is unhappy with Pentagon following in his steps or for even letting the stable now die out during his tenure remains to be seen, and I truly doubt it will be referenced on the show by anyone other than Matt Striker – the king of all facts. It does however provide a potential additional motive for why Bestia has guided Vampiro on one hell of a quest to re-earn the trust of the new Lucha Underground Champion.

When we think of what lies ahead for Pentagon therefore, it would be foolish to disregard the challenge of this new gothic figure within the Temple. He may fend off some likely challengers ranging from Mil Muertes to his own brother, Fenix, but the big money feud is between two men who swear by the darkness and will probably plunge the Temple right back into an absence of light for the first time since the Second Season, back when Catrina reigned as the proprietor.

If anything, though Pentagon is not exactly the type of wrestler to have to rely on allies, he might want to look no further than Agent Winter. The henchman of the Lord revealed at the close of Ultima Lucha Tres that the Temple would continue under new management. If you recall an earlier revelation too, Agent Winter is a self-confessed fan of Pentagon Dark. It certainly wouldn’t come at a disadvantage for Pentagon to now work for a fan of his handiwork and his trail of broken bones along the way. The question is whether the Champion would appreciate this favoritism, given the fact that he spent the past two seasons threatening to break every bone in his former boss’ body. Given the fact that the Lord has been set up to be the “big bad” of the entire series for some time now, and the idea that Pentagon can switch so seamlessly between the rudo and tecnico alignments due to his unrivaled popularity within the Temple, I think it would be fair to say that Lucha Underground’s hands aren’t exactly tied here.

However, seen as Pentagon is going to be fighting against another mysterious creature of the night, I think it would be wise to continue to portray him as this anti-authority figure and for it to become another obstacle that this unique antihero would have to cross. Though Pentagon is arguably a little more Stone Sour than Stone Cold, you certainly can’t deny the similarities in the sense that both men live without fear, do what they want, and beat up exactly who they feel like, resulting in them having to fight the odds time and time again.

All in all, it’s hard to say exactly how well Pentagon will do this season. It really depends on how much faith Lucha Underground have in a man who hasn’t established himself with the Believers yet. They provided one hell of an opportunity to Jeff Cobb when he became Matanza and won the title on his debut, so it’s not impossible for them to reward fellow dark-match wrestler Bestia 666 with a similar start in the company. However, whether Pentagon holds the title all season, loses it, regains it… his popularity will carry him through as he looks to fend off challenge after challenge. You can have Cero Miedo about that.


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