SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3 Season God, #10 – #6

End of Season Rankings
Season God Award – #10 – #6

Wow. When you write a column every week, it feels absolutely bizarre when it has been just under three. I was going to reintroduce my new series tonight but it has been too long and I don’t want these countdowns to become meaningless, so we’re kicking things off tonight with the first half of my performers of the season!

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I’m going to bring you a little extra this time around with the Honourable Mentions list. So many people stepped up their game in Season 3 but not all could be included. Let’s look at those who just missed out!


Son of Havoc

In a cruel twist of fate, Havoc ends up in this section two seasons in a row. IN FACT, he’s one of only two performers besides those in the top 10 to have won multiple Temple Gods. Having won the weekly award twice, it was hard to exclude him when compared to the five other winners of the award. The only reason why he failed to make this list is because he didn’t quite have those noteworthy moments that the others had throughout the season. Had he won the Gift of the Gods Title, it would have been a different story. He did better his rival Son of Madness though, so on a personal level, that’s something!

Rey Mysterio

And here’s the other man who won two weekly awards and yet has been omitted. In fact, for the second year running as well, I’ve had to exclude Rey Mysterio too. He was the hardest choice to leave off the list as he actually had some pretty big moments throughout the season. Pinned the seemingly undefeatable Matanza? Check. Challenged Johnny Mundo? Check. The problem with Rey in Season 3 is that he was a choker. He fell to Matanza in their eventual singles match and he also failed to defeat Johnny Mundo after weeks and weeks of hype. He just didn’t pick up that big fulfilling victory like he did in the second season over Prince Puma. He was a solid hand, that’s for sure, but I just don’t think he did enough to edge out some of the other two-time winners.

Sexy Star

I hate that I’m typing this – but she won the Lucha Underground Championship as part of the third-ever Aztec Warfare Match. I can’t not list her here. Thankfully, that’s the only week that I had her down as the most noteworthy performer, so no I have a logical enough reason as to why she has not made the top ten without having to mention an armbar. Too late.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that the performers can’t go into business for themselves in this column, so without further ado… Here are entries #10 – #6 of the Season Three God Countdown!


Kicking off the list is a newcomer to the Temple. Before the season started, I hadn’t been sold on the Lucha Death Machine from his previous ventures. I don’t know if anyone else felt the same way. I didn’t understand his characters, his work, not much at all if I’m honest! Trust Lucha Underground, and Crane himself of course, to make me a Believer.

Sometimes, a performer just needs the right environment. His wacky mannerisms and dark desires fitted in perfectly with the character he was given here – as he became somewhat of a twisted ladies man, dating Ivelisse and longing for Catrina. In between all of this, we discovered that he somehow has a link to the past which has yet been uncovered.

With multiple great matches against the likes of Killshot, Mil Muertes and Cage, Crane proved he was more than just a quirky character. He’s definitely one to watch for a potential future season.


Moving up one spot from last season is the evil genius himself – Marty “The Moth” Martinez.

Perhaps the best pure actor in the Temple, what the former Tough Enough man brings to the table is quite remarkable indeed. He managed to turn his character even darker this season as he dared to take Killshot back to a place he never wanted to revisit in the Weapons of Mass Destruction match, and he continuously pierced the face of Fenix.

The only problem with Marty is that he lost both of those big feuds within the season, plus he was humiliated by his sister come the end. I know that the Martinez character normally prides himself more on the torture than the end result, but yet his constant obsession with Melissa Santos came to nothing by the end of the season he failed to expose her current fling and lost his locks as a result of it.

Marty has all of the potential in the world to ascend to the top spot in Lucha Underground, he just needs to eventually achieve his goal in the Temple.


It’s quite the slip for Mil Muertes who came in at #3 last year. He earned his space above the two men before him by successfully winning the Gauntlet and remaining undefeated at Ultima Lucha, however he then fell victim to his returning rival immediately afterwards and lost his prized possession.

He performed well in the Cueto Cup, reaching the Semi Finals, but again, his ‘injury’ considered, he just wasn’t the dominant Muertes of old who would simply dominate his opponent with the powers of the undead.

Mil Muertes was essentially strung along all season. Vampiro purposely made Prince Puma target him, and Catrina (who we now know doesn’t love him) decided it best to turn him into her own personal Gauntlet haunter. Believe it or not, the “big bad” of Season One turned into the tragic tale of Season Three. Expect a near-future tecnico run!


If I based these rankings off in-ring performance only, the top three would spell Jeremiah Crane, Killshot and a controversial Puma-Fox tie at the top.

Thankfully, I don’t, so I get to explain myself here.

To be fair, Dante more than likely earned his two weekly wins with his in-ring performances more than anything else, I mean, the guy was absolutely phenomenal. Seems weird to say this given the week he’s had but move over AJ!

Who can forget his insanely good match against Prince Puma? What about the Hell of War, which was a completely different kind of match to say the least my friends!

Dante was no slouch as a character either though. He brilliantly played the “will he, won’t he” torn performer to start the season before deciding that forgiveness was not in his nature… yet. That scene when he ran through the street, juxtaposed with his memories? Magnifique.

The only reason Dante isn’t higher up this list is probably due to his accomplishments. His Trios win was his major well-earned success. That’s the reason why I’ve had to place this equally incredible performer just that little bit higher. Without further ado, here is the last two-time award winner and the last on today’s countdown…


If I had to look at anyone’s success record in Lucha Underground’s Season Three, there’s not many that come higher. Before this season, Killshot had been a great hand, a temporary foe to King Cuerno and Marty’s rival in a feud that still had some legs to it.

That feud seized at the start of the season with a BRILLIANT Weapons of Mass Destruction match. If you thought that his feud with Marty was going to be his most personal rivalry however, you were wrong. His friend turned foe returned to strike him down, yet Killshot emerged with the ultimate victory – and a few scars along the way!

As well as performing incredibly in that ring, he picked up the all important wins that validated him within the Temple. I’d say he improved his standing more than anyone else within the Temple this season, with an exception to perhaps the next man on this countdown… but that’s for another day my friends!


That’s it for today Believers.

With five names left, who do you think is filling the top spots? I’ve left many names out of the honourable mentions this season to make it a little harder to guess, or you can just look back and see who has won my Temple God Award on three or more occasions!

Agree? Disagree? Is my method flawed?! I do question it when the likes of Fox and Killshot don’t make the top five. I hope I’ve justified it well enough for you guys.

Until then my friends, don’t stop believing and thank you for reading.


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