SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3 Season God Award – #5 – #1

End of Season Rankings
S3 Season God Award – #5 – #1

Real life. Real… life.

When trying to write a column about a wrestling show with so many fantasy characters and moments, it can really get in the way. Hell, it can get in the way anyway. The point I’m trying to make is that I did not expect to bust this out almost three weeks after the last one, and for that my friends, I certainly do apologise. If anything though, let’s use the power of positivity here. The suspense is now off the charts as we get to crown the Season God!

I’m going to bring you a little extra this time around with a few more names on the Honourable Mentions list. So many people stepped up their game in Season 3 but not all could be included. Let’s look at some more luchadors who just missed out!



It seems almost bizarre that the first man to achieve the Lucha Underground Triple Crown has not made the Top Ten at all this time. Such was the quality of those around him. If you had to be honest though, before his win over Marty, he was simply a great supporting player this season. He surrendered his Trios Championship to the Reptiles and he fell to Puma in the Cueto Cup. He didn’t really do much wrong all season , but other than his eventual win over his main nemesis this season, he didn’t really do much of note either. I’d place him at #12 personally, behind another honourable mention, but for now it feels right to speak about his former partner turned foe.


Ahhh yes, that treacherous maybe brainwashed or maybe just nurtured to be naughty dragon. The turn of Drago was one of the season’s saddest tales. Arguably one of the biggest tecnicos of the very first season shed his colours to emerge as this blood-red slave of the Tribe he once departed. There’s definitely more to the story – as we saw when he grimaced during the epilogue of the season. You can’t argue with Drago’s methods though – he walked into this season as a Trios Champion, kept his belt during a title change before he finally lost his belt at Ultima Lucha. In summary, this reptile was particularly successful this season, but again, without much of a footprint in a singles division, it’s hard to rate him so highly.


If I was basing these rankings off just for the first half of the season, Matanza would be one of the top names. Such is the effect of his downfall that I truly can’t place him any higher than #11.

After he lost his title at Aztec Warfare III, he looked for revenge on the man who cost him the match: Rey Mysterio. After being humiliated by his new main rival, Dario kept him caged away until Cueto decided to let him dismember Rey, before he took on and defeated the upstart Dragon Azteca Jr in a match that felt like the greatest afterthought of Ultima Lucha.

I think they just did too little with this Monster during the middle part of the season for him to replace any of the top ten. Maybe I’m being too harsh on the brother of Dario who at one point absolutely dominated whomever the wheel chose for him. I certainly wouldn’t want to deliver my verdict to his face!

You didn’t come here to read about the nearly-men though. Here are the top five performers of Season Three!


What can be said about The Mack? Absolute freight train? Definitely. Moves better than most cruiserweights? I wouldn’t argue with that. Had a better season than any of his previous outings? You’re damn right about that.

The Mack has fully earned this spot as he emerged as the victor of the Battle of the Bulls Tournament. He entered the main event scene and helped to kick off Season 2 with a spectacular effort within the All Night Long match with Johnny Mundo. Though he cooled down for some time after, he rebounded by winning a Battle Royal for a Unique Opportunity which led to him capturing his first piece of gold in the Temple – as a Trios Champion with Dante Fox and Killshot.

It’s a solid resume and one that’s certainly deserved given his consistent rapport with the Believers.


He’s a Machine! In fact, this season he was almost a God!

The Machine is always one of the top contenders on this countdown. He may not have won the big one yet but he seems to pick up a few pivotal victories here and there which earn him a few weekly awards along the way.

This season, his crowning achievement came in the form of a Gauntlet. He denied Texano the perfect comeback in their Best of Five Series in order to win the right to be the host of a God. The problem is, in spite of some moments in which the power overwhelmed him – R.I.P. Delgado – he just wasn’t being fully consumed by it all. It’s probably for his own good though, who knows what damage he may have caused?! We now know that the Gauntlet is locked in Cuerno’s trophy room, no longer able to threaten to take over a fighter again… for now!

If the Gauntlet had led him to a championship, I’d have to place Cage higher, however, if anything it hindered him as he was disqualified from the Cueto Cup due to his actions.

I guess in parting, I would not be surprised in the slightest if Cage captures the Lucha Underground Championship next season as he’s as believable as anyone to be carrying the belt. For now, he picks up a respectable #4 on this list.


What?! You mean the man who finally achieved his destiny not only fails to take the top spot but also finds himself in a lower position than last season?! It was always going to be tough as I gave him the #1 ranking for electrifying the entire season last time around, but to think that his title win didn’t propel him up there again is quite absurd.

The reason being? Like his brother, his ultimate moments came during Ultima Lucha time. He did well to reach the Cueto Cup Final, to capture the Gift of the Gods Championship and to ultimately take the big one – the Lucha Underground Championship of course. However, for the first half of the season, he was treading water, possibly because at one point he wasn’t able to use either of his arms thanks to the untimely emergence of the Black Lotus Triad!

If he had a solid start to the season, he would have had a chance of claiming that #1 spot, but the two men before him have been strong from the get-go. The skeleton ninja can have Cero Miedo though, as he walks into the next season as champion and is sure to play a pivotal role once more.


This man put his nightmares of his old rival to bed. This same man won a 32-Luchador tournament, the Cueto Cup. If that’s not good enough, this VERY SAME MAN became the first and only two-time Lucha Underground Champion at Ultima Lucha.

So why on earth is he not top?

I’ll get to that.

For now, let’s reflect on what was one hell of a great season and an ultimate bow for the franchise player of the product. Sure, he lost the Lucha Underground Championship and his own career as Dario’s games and a determined challenger got the better of him, but that was simply the inevitable end for this hero. With amazing matches across the board against the likes of Dante Fox, Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes and Johnny Mundo, along with a captivating storyline as the Dark Prince of Vampiro, you can hardly say anything bad about this season for Prince Puma.

And in fact, I can’t. At all. He just wasn’t THIS man…


It almost feels weird putting the Leader of the Worldwide Underground on top when in reality, Prince Puma defeated him, AND I was pretty negative about his match booking throughout the season.

But that’s when I realised, that’s exactly why he has to win.

This season, Johnny Mundo became the second-ever Triple Crown Champion, first defeating Sexy Star for her Gift of the Gods Championship before ruining her short time at the top by cashing in his opportunity against her.

From there on out, there was interference. Boy, was there interference. To use an outdated reference, Johnny Mundo liked interference as much as Mad Mike liked TV’s. The sheer volume of hatred from the Lucha Underground Believers both in attendance and on the internet was INSANE. When it wasn’t the appearances of his stablemates that had people riled, it was a low blow or two. Sometimes it was both!

The fact of the matter is this, Mundo’s resume was brilliant this time. He won the two singles titles of Lucha Underground, he expanded his stable by one, he emerged unscathed from the overtime of All Night Long and he put away a game Rey Mysterio to boot. Let’s not forget that he was the star of his own documentary. Yet his real crowning achievement was how accomplished he became as a rudo this season.

He’d always been in danger of becoming a cool rudo, I mean he wears a fur coat, plays air guitar and has his own stable. Who wouldn’t root for a Doors-NWO hybrid? Yet, no one did, because he was that damn good. I use that HHH phrase on purpose there as Mundo’s reign at the top featured that same fan venom on the internet, whilst the Believers were subjected to a run that had Flair-like similarities.

For the strong emotions that myself, and many others felt all season… Johnny Mundo, thank you. You bastard.



Now here comes the debate. Did I get this wrong? Put up a great argument below and maybe I’ll hold my hands up. Maybe I’ll invite you along for a column too. That Twitter machine has been pretty lonely during the show’s absence too. As always, you can reach me @LeafLOP too.

Feeling revitalized after the announcement of Season 4, this is Ryan “Leaf” Plant reminding you why you should never stop believing and thank you for reading.


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