Conflicting Report About More Releases Coming, Update on Oney Lorcan and Luke Harper

In an update from our previous report, Dave Meltzer has confirmed that all of the releases that were announced on Sunday took place on Sunday. The date they can officially compete for another company is March 8th, 2020. Meltzer adds that he’s heard conflicting reports that more releases are coming, but has also heard that that things have been worked out with those talents. Most of the talent who requested their releases have either already signed a new contract or were granted their release. Other reports say that there is no shortage is wrestlers asking for their release now that they’re being granted.

Luke Harper’s release was only a matter of semantics. His contract was set to expire soon, anyway. It was still active due to the freeze WWE set on it during his injury. Oney Lorcan was one of the talents looking to be released last month, but ended up resigning with the company anyway. His new contract was a standard multi-year deal. Everything has been described as “fine” between both sides now despite Lorcan not being used since signing the new deal.


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