Conrad Thompson On If Working With AEW Has Affected His Relationship With The WWE & More

Conrad Thompson was recently interviewed by During the interview, he gave his thoughts on whether his work with AEW and Starrcast is affecting his relationship with WWE as well as his thoughts on what it is like to work with Cody Rhodes. Here are the highlights:

On Working With Cody:

Cody Rhodes believed in me when he didn’t really know me. He saw the vision for what I saw and rolled the dice and it was a success, and it wasn’t like the Fyre Festival. I want to do these type of events with Cody involved any chance I get. Last year he wasn’t involved with AEW and it was still a huge success and I don’t expect that to change at all. How many we’ll do, I can’t say, because this time last year I thought I was one and done. There’s no way I was telling Cody no.

On Whether Working With AEW Has Hurt His Standing With The WWE:

No one’s ever said (there won’t be a second season.) We signed up to do one season. Look at the Edge & Christian show. How long was it between season one and two? They were never cross, the time just wasn’t right. I’ve not had one cross word with WWE about anything AEW and Starrcast, and neither has Bruce. Starrcast is a Conrad thing, not an AEW thing. I don’t work for AEW. When we had that contract (with WWE), I had an inclusion for Starrcast. We made sure it was in there. I’m still going to do the Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, Tony Schiavone show, and I’m still going to do Starrcast. They were supportive. I know that spoils the narrative.


MJF is as Tony Schiavone says — a little prick. I’ll give you a spoiler: MJF is officially banned from Starrcast II, so you won’t be seeing him as a part of our lineup.


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