Court Bauer Announces MLW's First Pay Per View, Saturday Night SuperFight, November 2nd in Chicago

Court Bauer Announces MLW’s First Pay Per View, Saturday Night SuperFight, November 2nd in Chicago

CEO of Major League Wrestling Court Bauer spoke with Sports Illustrated to announce the promotions first pay per view entitled, Saturday Night Superfight. The event, which will be broadcast on November 2nd from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, will only be $19.95, as Bauer wants to show the world what MLW is capable of.

This is a chance for MLW to make a statement. We want to give value to our fans. That’s why we’re charging only $19.95. This year has been about expanding into live programming. The evolution of a promotion is to produce more live content, and another milestone for us is pay-per-view. And now, we’re going to get there with Saturday Night SuperFight on November 2.

Bauer promises that the event will not just feature a thrown together card, but a slow build-up that will have all the championships on the line.

Watch carefully this summer. This card isn’t going to be thrown together in late October. All the seeds will be planted. And all of the championships will be on the line.

Bauer continued…

I have a lot of goals for MLW. After hitting live television, we are moving to another goal in pay-per-view. And now the onus is on us to deliver something that feels different, especially in such a competitive environment. So we’re going to bring a legitimate superfight to pay-per-view with Saturday Night SuperFight


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