Crown Jewel UPDATE: John Cena And Daniel Bryan Refusing To Go, Roman Reigns Injury Update

A new update from Robbie Fox (of Barstool Sports) says that WWE’s controversial Crown Jewel event is in jeopardy. Fox reports that Universal champion Roman Reigns has been dealing with an undisclosed injury, but that it was bad enough for him to miss all three of the advertised house shows he was scheduled for last weekend.

UPDATE: Roman Reigns announced on Raw that he is battling with leukemia. Our hearts and prayers go out to Reigns and his family.

Another development, John Cena and Daniel Bryan have apparently refused to work the event as long as it takes place in Saudi Arabia. While a good number of the WWE roster have expressed their concerns with working the show, none of them have the same pull as the Doctor of Thuganomics and the leader of the Yes Movement.

Check out Fox’s tweet below.

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