Cryme Tyme Challenges The Young Bucks, Show Off Fake Picture With AEW Championship

Former WWE star JTG of Cryme Tyme released a photo on his Instagram showing off a fake picture of the now found AEW championship title, and using it as a reason to challenge the Young Bucks. JTG writes, “First off…. Cryme Tyme are not thiefs. We’re actually outstanding citizens, @shadbeast13 and I actually Re-Rack the weights and wipe down the equipment when were done at the Gym ! ! ! We are GOOD People. We have NEVER stolen anything in our entire career. That was a rumor that got out of hand. We borrowed this title to make a message. This was not a hit on@chrisjerichofozzy But a message to AEW. If you want your precious title back…. Its simple.We want The Young Bucks.”

Check it out below.

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