Daga On What He's Looking To Accomplish With IMPACT

Daga On What He’s Looking To Accomplish With IMPACT

During an interview with Wrestlezone, Daga discussed what he’s looking to accomplish in IMPACT. Here’s what he had to say:

Lucha Underground introduced me to this new world where you have to be ready for a camera angle, things you never learned in Mexico. With IMPACT, it’s a different thing because it’s more like an American style of wrestling. When I say American style, I’m talking about the action inside the ring, so you need to be able to do everything to perform—be good for the camera, good in the ring. It’s a little bit different because Lucha Underground, to me, was a mix of Lucha libre and they tried to reintroduce Lucha libre to the world. We haven’t had that since ’96,” Daga said, “when Rey Mysterio and Psicosis and all of these people in WCW came to the States and showed the Lucha style. I think Lucha Underground tried to do that at that point, but with IMPACT I have to work at a different level.

You can read the interview HERE.

Credit: Wrestlezone.


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