Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns Not Wrestling At SummerSlam

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns Not Wrestling At SummerSlam

As of right now, there are no plans for Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns to wrestle each other at SummerSlam. The speculation was that this storyline was designed to start a feud between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns after it was revealed that Daniel Bryan would be behind the scaffolding incident.

Dave Meltzer discussed on his show Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince was not satisfied with the pacing of the current storyline and that the event was reworked to stretch further than SummerSlam. There’s no official word on why Vince changed his mind so close to the show. Meltzer does believe that more of the story will play out at SummerSlam this Sunday on the WWE Network to advance the angle because it would be odd for WWE to keep two of their biggest names off the show entirely.

It is worth noting that after last week’s scaffolding accident, the WWE confirmed that it was an accident by a temporary worker. Roman Reigns forgave whoever it was and moved on, however, on RAW the next week the WWE played it off as if nothing had been discovered. Samoa Joe claimed everyone had been blaming him all week. On Smackdown, it was revealed that Rowan had at least something to do with the event. No one seems to be on the same page about where this angle is heading.


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