Darby Allin Threatens Shawn Spears: “Don’t Think I’m Not Coming For Yer Head Shawn”

AEW daredevil Darby Allin released a video on Twitter calling out Shawn Spears for overshadowing his Fyter Fest debut when he attacked Cody Rhodes with a steel chair shot to the head following Rhodes and Allin’s time-limit draw. Allin states that he plans on having a rematch with the American Nightmare, but threatens Spears ahead of today’s Fight for the Fallen event in Jacksonville.

My AEWrestling debut was overlooked by Perfec10n chair shot to cody. I will have my rematch with cody sooner or later…..But don’t think tomorrow at fight for the fallen i’m not coming for yer head Shawn.

Check out the video below.

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