Davey Boy Smith Jr. Explains Why He Left NJPW, Issues With Gedo

MLW star Davey Boy Smith Jr. was interviewed by Hannibal TV to discuss his recent departure from New Japan Pro Wrestling. Smith explains that he was receiving fewer tour dates with the company, and how communication issues with Gedo and the rest of the NJPW office led to him feeling like his back was up against the wall. He also recalls a time when his Killer Elite Squad tag partner, Lance Archer, got hurt, derailing their momentum and being a big factor as to why Smith was used less.

I was in a situation where I couldn’t win. New Japan towards the end were only giving me four tours a year. What they had told me or expressed to me was that there was no way they could increase the workload of KES, Lance Archer and myself as a tag team.

I guess this will all date back to when Lance Archer injured his back on a New Japan tour. I believe it was March of 2017. When Archer and myself returned to New Japan after a two year stint in (Pro Wrestling) NOAH, I myself was very fired up, pumped up, ready to come back and take New Japan by storm. I had done a really crazy diet during that time… and unfortunately as luck has it, Lance Archer got injured and that finally was the straw that broke the camels back. He had to get emergency back surgery over in New Japan.

I was told that I was going to be on the rest of the remainder of that tour, and I was told by the new person in the office named Saito that I was going to be on the next tour. That was a little over four weeks. He gave me a schedule and I wasn’t on the Super Juniors tour. I think I was on something in June. So, when I went home, they had owed me merchandise money from that tour, and they said ‘okay you’re coming back next month?’ I said yeah I’ll be back there. I went home and was waiting for my flight and no one gave me any flight information. I sent the office lady and email and said where’s my flight, and she said well did you talk to Kedo? You’re not on the tour. I said well, that’s news to me. I just would’ve appreciated them being honest with me, and when I was going home they said listen Lance is going to be out for however long. We don’t have anything for you because you guys are a tag team. We’re sorry, please get booked by yourself, I would’ve said OK. But when there is that lack of communication, what am I to do?

Smith would go on to say that although difficult, leaving was the best decision he could have made. You can listen to the full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc)


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