Davey Boy Smith Jr. On His Family Lineage, Talks MLW’s Rise In The Wrestling Landscape

Major League Wrestling star Davey Boy Smith Jr. recently interviewed with Newsday to hype MLW’s Never Say Never event tonight in New York. Smith discusses his family lineage within professional wrestling, and how he hopes to incorporate past traditions while attempting to create his own identity.

It’s always been an honor to go out there and honor my family’s name and tradition. I do want to become my own person, but there are aspects of what my dad was or what Bret was or what Owen Hart was or what Jim was that I want to kind of cultivate and create in myself. It’s always great to see stuff like that. It doesn’t make me feel sad or uncomfortable at all.

Smith would also talk about MLW’s rise in the pro-wrestling landscape, and believes that it could one day become a competitor to AEW or WWE.

We’re really creeping up. MLW is just going to keep getting more successful, and they’re going to be part of the competition really soon between AEW [All Elite Wrestling] and WWE. I really believe that. The nice thing about MLW is that there’s a certain level of freedom there and flexibility, which is really cool. I think that what’s really nice is that Court actually listens to me. And I do know what I’m talking about.

Check out Smith’s full interview here. 


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