Desi DeRata On Makes GLAM Special, The Women’s Evolution

Desi DeRata of GLAM Wrestling, the all women’s offshoot of HOODSLAM, was recently interviewed by “KOED”. During the interview, she discussed the Women’s Evolution as well as what makes GLAM special. Here are the highlights:

On The Women’s Evolution:

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and that’s what makes it for me, of course, is the crowds. It has changed a lot since the bra-and-panty matches that WWE used to have. Female everything—regarding combat sports—has been on the rise steadily, fans are starting to realize how cool that is.


A lot of other wrestlers are critical [of Hoodslam], which is understandable ’cause this is their craft and they don’t want someone to mess it up for them. I think it’s a little more relaxed. You can have more fun.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE

Credit: KOED.

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