Detailed Recap Of CM Punk At Starrcast 3

Detailed Recap Of CM Punk At Starrcast 3

Mike Johnson is introduced as the host. Johnson joked that CM Punk has canceled.

CM Punk joked that he considered teasing over Twitter that he was cancelling from a sunburn.

Punk addressed being back in a pro wrestling environment. He said that every environment is a pro wrestling environment when you were that big in wrestling. He said that every event he goes to he receives pro wrestling questions even when its unrelated to why he’s there.

Johnson claimed that Punk is rumored to be at All In tonight, but management says he’s not. He asked Punk when he’ll be returning for sure. Punk finds the question flattering when he’s asked if he’ll be coming back. Punk says the question “when will you be coming back” is better than “When will you be going the fuck away?”

Punk answered if he’ll be returning tonight by saying that he’ll be hanging out with his wife tonight, instead.

He joked that everyone who talks crap about him apologizes in person and plays it off as a joke.

Punk said the biggest difference between the wrestling lifestyle and his current life is that he gets to end his day in the same bed. He enjoys being able to plan his own days out and names off hanging out with his wife, his dog, and working on comic books.

Johnson asked about CM Punk’s lead role in his upcoming movie. He said that so far he’s been capped in roles where he plays a jerk and thinks that says a lot about what people think of him. Punk said that Twitter has been very helpful in getting roles offered to him.

He added that acting can be “super super hard” and that anything worth doing usually is. He joked that watching a screening of his movie had him worried because 85% of the movie is his face. After the pre-screening of his movie he told his friends that he didn’t hate it and everyone was surprised because he usually hates everything he does.

He said the worst part of the movie is that he had to be clean shaven for the whole thing. He said people compared his look to Henry Rollins and Bruce Campbell which he took as a compliment.

Johnson asked if Punk is a method actor. Punk laughed it off and said no.

Punk said the director is Travis Stevens and his compliments his previous work.

Punk said he doesn’t miss wrestling. He added that he was fortunate enough to do it all. He said he had a pretty good career and it all holds up.

Johnson asked if there’s anyone he considers coming out of retirement for. He told a story about asking Stone Cold Steve Austin about taking a stunner at the end of a RAW show for the live crowd and that Stone Cold agree, adding that no one usually asks him that. He said he kept prodding Austin to work a match with him. He mentioned that there was a sliver in time when the match almost happened.

Punk said he considered “The Villain” Marty Scurll as a potential match during an autograph signing.

He joked that Will Ospreay is a good talent that he might be able to do something with but he’s not sure he could keep up with him.

Mike Johnson told Punk about how Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch went on vacation and Punk was completely surprised. Johnson joked that he dropped a pipebomb onto CM Punk. Punk seemed to not want to believe it and was speechless.

Mike Johnson credited Punk for wrestlers being allowed to do that in WWE. Punk remained speechless. Punk said he’s happy for them but isn’t sure that was his doing.

Johnson asked if there was anything the WWE could have done to help the situation. Punk said talking to him would have been a good start.

Punk said that his suspension lasted until just after WrestleMania as a punishment.

He found an old royalty check and requested that a new one be cut because it was too old for him to cash, but no one would return his call.

He retold the story about being fired during his wedding day.

Johnson asked if he would ever consider a WWE return. Punk joked that he’d come back just to request some time off for a vacation.

Johnson asked if Triple H called him would he be willing to talk to him. Punk said he “wouldn’t not talk to him.” Punk said he’s over the past situation about Triple H and firing him.

Punk said that he’d be willing to have a conversation with anyone at this point but they better come with something good.

Punk said that some of the things that happened to him in the WWE were personal under the guise of professional but he’s willing to let it go.

Punk said that sports need to address working its employees while they’re hurt. He added that there’s a lot of pressure from the office to work hurt or you won’t get paid. He said it can get people hurt and killed. He said that being able to ask for time off is a step in the right direction.

He took a shot at WWE’s doctor and said they need a better one.

Punk said that his mentality was that he either be given what he wanted or more money, and regrets not sticking with the demand for more money.

Mike Johnson asked about the rumors that Punk was mad that he had to wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania. Punk said he wasn’t mad about the match. He was mad about the presentation. He feels he was presented as just another person Undertaker was going to beat.

Punk says he feels like Harley Race passing was a little bit of relief for Race because he was having a very rough couple years. Punk mentioned that Harley Race took a bump for him and he thought that was cool.

Punk retold a story about Race taking a bump for him during an indie tournament. Race requested that Punk not go for pin after pin because he couldn’t drop down for the pin over and over.

He told a story about how Race once threw up in his car. Race told him not to pull over because he didn’t want the police involved. Afterwards, Race hugged Punk while covered in puke.

He mentioned that Harley Race would carry around a taser and would shock people for fun, but he never shocked Punk.

Mike Johnson asked Punk about his 60-minute match with Samoa Joe in Ring of Honor. Punk said he didn’t do it to put ROH on the map and that was never their mentality.

He said TNA told him he wasn’t allowed to wrestle those matches but Punk did it anyway. He said he got to where he was in ROH because so many people were pulling out from the company.

He said that his time with Samoa Joe was successful because they always tried to do what other people weren’t doing. He confirmed that the 60-minute draw was his idea and apologized for it because of all the matches that tried to copy it afterwards. He said that their size difference was what made the match believable.

Johnson asks if it was hard for Punk to leave Ring of Honor. He said it was hard and scary, but he felt like he had something to prove by going there.

He said that his goal was always to go to Japan but he was told he was too big to be a lightweight and too small to be a heavyweight, so they didn’t book him on tours. He added that he’s proud that he helped make ROH a destination for wrestlers to want to go to.

Mike Johnson asked about the night with Tony Atlas. Punk said he would go to OVW just because he wanted to visit. He offered to be in a dark match after one of the shows. At the time of the match, Punk was the ECW champion. Punk said that while he was taping up, Tony Atlas said that the tape made it look like he had two broken arms. Punk dismissed his comment, so Atlas repeated himself. During the post show meeting, Atlas called out Punk for not listening to his advice. Punk wasn’t aware that Atlas was insulting him at first when Atlas was calling him an asshole multiple times. Punk finally stood up and confronted him. Punk corrected the rumors and said that he didn’t say “Do you know who I am,” he said “You don’t even know who I am.” Punk says he brought up Atlas’s history during their confrontation. The fans respond poorly, and Punk said its okay because they’ve buried the hatchet a long time ago. Punk added that this was the last time he went to OVW.

Punk said the fallout of this issue was that people were claiming they were going to get him fired. Wrestlers were telling him that he had to go to Undertaker for forgiveness. Punk insulted Nova by calling him a stooge and said he was the one who told management about the whole ordeal. He mentioned this mentality and that taping up their wrists almost got the Major Brothers (Ryder, Hawins) fired as well. Tony Atlas was refusing to go to anymore WWE events because of all this.

Punk mentioned that someone ran to the Undertaker about it because they were hoping Undertaker would be mad and someone would fire Punk. He wouldn’t name who it was. He said Undertaker didn’t care and everything was fine. He called their reaction “toxic masculinity” and an archaic system in pro wrestling.

Johnson asked how Punk handled reaching for the brass rings. Punk said he doesn’t believe management ever trusted him.

He said he loved being in the ring because once the bell rang he didn’t have a boss.

Punk recalled the road to the Undertaker match and how poorly it was presented. He mentioned how management told him Kane would be pinning him quickly in a match four weeks before WrestleMania.

Punk said that the “ashes” from Paul Bearer that he dumped on himself was cat litter.

He said there was never a moment when Vince McMahon “got him.” He said that he and Triple H never understood him.

Punk discussed his feud with Triple H. He said Triple H claimed he tried to change Vince’s mind about the finish of the match, but Punk isn’t sure it was true. Punk knew it was a bad idea to have Triple H win the match and then go back to retirement.

Mike asked about what Punk considers the positives of working for the WWE. Punk said he loved working with and meeting the legends. He loved traveling to different towns because he always tried to work his matches and stories depending on where they were going. Punk said they kept turning down iron man matches because they couldn’t figure out how to put a clock on the titantron. Punk joked that he could have figured it out.

Mike Johnson brought up John Cena. Punk joked that Cena must’ve asked for time off to do all these movies. Punk said he liked working with Cena and thinks Cena liked working with him too. He retold a time when Cena tried calling a match in the middle of the ring but Punk wouldn’t let him. Cena was okay with this and Punk thinks Cena even appreciated it.

Punk said he signed a WWE contract the day of Money in the Bank. Vince obviously wasn’t going to let Punk win if he didn’t sign. Punk said he eventually signed it because he got what he wanted.

Punk said that whenever he moved up he tried to bring his friends up along with him.

Punk said he was always good at insults and working on the mic because he wasn’t a tough kid growing up. He said that he’s always had trouble beating anyone up and joked that the internet will have fun with that one. He credited ROH for helping him get to that level. He said he always strives to be better each time.

Johnson asked how much of pro wrestling has influenced his acting in Hollywood. Punk said he’s really not sure yet because he hasn’t acted enough yet. He said that acting and cutting promos are kind of parallel.

Punk said he didn’t consider Batista’s rendition of Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy when he wrote the comic book. He said he appreciates the irony of him writing a character being played by another wrestler.

Punk said he has considered writing a book. He said his story would really have to be told in at least three books. He joked that he’s not sure because he’s been sued enough.

Johnson retold the story of The Rock calling Punk’s cellphone during a house show. Punk said he was in an elevator to go walk his dog during the call. He said he received over 80 messages afterwards and was afraid someone had died. He said he did try to pick up and apologized over text to Rock later.

He praised the Rock’s decision to call Punk because it created a great moment. He said Rock is a very smart guy.

Some of the messages were from people telling Punk that backstage went nuts when Rock did that and some people weren’t very happy. “Headsets were smashed,” he joked.

Punk and Rock buried the hatchet about their backstage heat during their feud.

Punk said he doesn’t feel like he was ever a dick to the Rock.

Punk retold the time his knee hurt and he needed surgery. He said Triple H and Vince flew him in for the surgery and they leave. He said while being wheeled out from the surgery, Vince called and told him he was going to be wrestling at TLC in three weeks. Punk said he hung up the phone.

Vince told him that other wrestlers came back from that surgery in two weeks, but Punk said he didn’t like the idea so he was a little upset going into the match.

Punk said he and Rock butted heads while planning out their feud. He mentioned that there was a group of writers present during the meeting and Punk didn’t like that they were trying to write his promos for him.

Punk later text the Rock and apologized for his attitude and The Rock accepted it.

Punk said he proposed movie ideas to the WWE that they turned down at the time, but they are doing them now.

Punk said he really did try to reach out about getting WWE ice cream bars.

Punk said he’s happy for Kofi Kingston.

Punk said he’d like to play Casey Jones sometime.

Johnson says CM Punk would play a good Moonknight in the upcoming Disney show. Punk said he hasn’t been offered any roles but that his “DM is open.” He does believe jobs will come his way.

Johnson brought up that Cena will be in Suicide Squad and the Rock will be Black Adam. They joke about calling the Rock or texting Cena to get information on the roles.

Punk doesn’t like that there’s still an “us vs them” mentality. He brought up DC vs Marvel but also says you can watch AEW, WWE, or NXT without taking a side. Punk mentioned that he’d like to be Lobo but isn’t big enough. Punk said his dream is that they make a good GI movie and he gets a role.

They talked politics. Punk said he’s had it with people who judge people by the color of their skin instead of seeing people as just human beings.

Punk said someone shouted at his wife to “go home and go where you came from” and his immediate thought was that they were referencing sports. Punk thought it was funny, but AJ Lee wasn’t amused at all. Punk said next time he’ll “be on the 9 o’clock news” to defend her.

Punk said he likes to start each day by praising his life and staying off his phone. He said he likes to make other people happy and bring people with him. When stuff sucks and other people are bummed, he bummed. He wishes more people felt this way.

He added not to fight with other people about what show they watch and not to buy into the corporate propaganda that it’s “us vs them.”

He said he doesn’t feel like he has to explain himself to anyone, especially people on the internet.

Punk said he changed his Twitter to only show certain people and it has become a much better place. He encourages other to do the same.

Punk asked if the show is over, Johnson said its actually went overtime, and Punk jokes that now he needs a vacation.

He thanked everyone for coming and even though he hates the saying “put smiles on faces” he still hopes everyone had a good time.

Fans chanted for Punk to end the interview.




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