Details and Full Track Listing for the WWE Uncaged X Album

Details and Full Track Listing for the WWE Uncaged X Album

WWE Music has released the new WWE Uncaged X album on various platforms,including Apple Music.

The album features previously-unreleased tracks from Jim Johnston, and includes 25 songs for a run-time of 1 hour 22 minutes.

Below is the full track listing:

1. Know Your Role (Nation Leader) [The Rock]
2. End of Days (I’ve Had Enough) [The Corre]
3. Sher (The Maharaja) [Jinder Mahal]
4. Interrogation (1998) [Kurrgan and The Jackyl]
5. New Rockers (2007) [Brian Kendrick and Paul London]
6. Not My Fault (2005) [Snitsky]
7. Piracy (2006) [Paul Burchill]
8. Quicksand (2006) [The Sandman]
9. Southern Pride (2005) [Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch]
10. New Kind of Power (Jeff Jarrett)
11. Who I Am (9th Wonder of the World) [Chyna]
12. Take a Pill (1997) [Brian Pillman]
13. You Look So Good To Me (The Runway) [2003] [Rico]
14. Man Beast (2001) [Rhyno]
15. Too Much (1997) [Brian Christopher]
16. Poetic Devastation (Virgil)
17. Addonas (1995) [The Bodydonnas]
18. You Better Recognize (D’Lo Brown)
19. Return the Hitman (Excellence of Execution) [Bret Hart]
20. Break an Egg (The Gobbledy Gooker)
21. Are You Ready? (Hall of Fame 2019) [D-Generation X]
22. With My Baby Tonight (Instrumental) [Jeff Jarrett & Jesse James]
23. Dark Side (Fully Loaded 1998) [The Undertaker]
24. Medal (Retirement Medley) [Kurt Angle]
25. The Time is Now (Champ is Here) [John Cena]

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