Director Nick Mondo On Making Jon Moxley Videos, Says He Would Work With AEW In The Future

Director Nick Mondo On Making Jon Moxley Videos, Says He Would Work With AEW In The Future

Former wrestler turned filmmaker Nick Mondo apeared on the Pro Wrestling Sheet podcast to talk about the video vignettes he made for Jon Moxley after his departure from the WWE. Mondo, who was best known for his time in Combat Zone Wrestling, talks about the process of shooting the project with Moxley, and when he first was contacted by him.

So he reached out to me…this was mid-February…I had heard some things about his contract coming to an end with WWE, and a lot of people were saying ‘is this just speculation? This is so strange that they’re promoting it on air.’ So they weren’t sure…and I just got a text that was just like ‘Hey dude…do you do movie trailer music video type things?’ And I was like ‘Yeah what’s on your mind? Right away I was starting to gather what was going on. Less than two weeks later we were together shooting.

On the video becoming a viral sensation.

It was amazing. I mean you have to realize that the WWE invested years into promoting this guy ya know? So that’s a built-in worldwide audience. It’s huge. To get to work with talent like that…I’ve spent years sharpening my skills as a filmmaker, but it’s all these ingredients that have to come together. Getting to work with him was so freaking exciting. I was waiting for it…I knew when the tweet was gonna drop and you just hit refresh and the numbers are just like ‘are you kidding me?’

After admitting that he didn’t follow wrestling for a while, Mondo reveals that AEW has him pretty excited, and hopes he gets an opportunity to work with their talent again.

AEW has me pretty excited right now. The chance to work with more talent…I would absolutely do this. No I didn’t envision returning to wrestling, but I’m very intrigued right now.

On the symbolisms in the video:

The 2 and the 5 signifying Double Or Nothing, we didn’t even think about that. [coincidence]

The Viper Room:

That was a specific request from Jon that we shoot there. Dusty Rhodes was a bit of a mentor to him. And there was a point in time where he [Dusty] pitched a vision to him [Moxley] to boost his confidence and give him like a character. Part of that vision was him standing outside the Viper Room in a leather jacket. And so…maybe he can tell that story some day.

Check out Mondo’s full interview, where he breaks down the hidden meanings of the “breaking out of prison” video and the “Times up” NJPW video, below.


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