Dolph Ziggler On Being Jealous Of Kofi Kingston, Explains Why He Performs Stand-Up

WWE star Dolph Ziggler was recently interviewed by the Fort Meyers News-Press where the former six-time Intercontinental champion discussed his upcoming house show matchup against Kofi Kingston, and how he’s genuinely jealous of Kingston’s success. He also touches on his life as a stand-up comedian, and explains how it’s quite similar to professional wrestling. Highlights are below.

His upcoming matchup with the WWE champion Kofi Kingston

I’m genuinely, as a person and a performer, jealous of Kofi and his success. So I would like to beat him, and I would like to beat him in front of a big crowd. What I do (at wrestling matches) is usually steal the show and walk out with someone’s girlfriend afterward, too. But what I focus on now is winning that title from Kofi, because it means more to me beating him to prove how good I am.

The way his stand-up comedy career helps him in WWE:

With WWE’s schedule, 250 days a year, I was traveling and on the road and really unable to dedicate some time. Now we’ve cut back our schedules a little bit to where I know where I’ll be most every week, so I can find a way. Instead of having two days off and going home and getting refreshed, I find ways to book (comedy) shows and get on them, and I’ll stay on the road and keep traveling and then go right back to WWE shows. I love living on the road, but getting those reps in with comedy will just make me better and make me a better superstar.

The similarities between stand-up and wrestling:

It’s very similar to WWE, the lifestyle and everything. You’re on a stage. People are watching you. People are waiting to be entertained. You can ask every ex-girlfriend: I always have to be on. So that’s been a problem for them, but it’s pretty great when it comes to wanting to be an entertainer.



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