Dominic Dijakovic Posts Controversial Tweet On “Purifying America”

Dominik Dijakovic, fomerly known as Chris Dijak, debuts his new gimmick at Full Sail, on December 19, 2018.

Dominic Dijakovic debuted a new gimmick on the most recent NXT television tapings. The gimmick involved him discussing his family immigrating to the United States and his desire to win the North American championship.

In a follow up, Dijakovic posted an extremely controversial Tweet that many are viewing as “white nationalist”. Here’s the Tweet in question, one that has since been deleted:

This continent has everything backwards. This is a diseased environment that breeds impurity. The streets are almost as filthy as the inhabitants. I would know, I’ve lived the majority of my life here. I owe it to myself and my family to Purify this wasteland.

Dijakovic’s Tweet was deleted within thirty minutes and he has since deactivated his entire Twitter account.


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