Don Callis On Where He Thinks Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega Would Have Signed If Not For AEW, More

Don Callis spoke with WrestlingInc. as part of IMPACT’s media call. During the interview, he revealed that he believes both Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega would have signed with IMPACT had it not been for AEW. Callis also discussed the process that has been in place in order to reshape the IMPACT roster. Here are the highlights:

On If IMPACT Planned On Bringing In Big Names:

I think we’re always looking for names but for me it begins and ends with the athleticism. [We’re] not looking to bring in guys who can’t go anymore and are just names…we’re gonna continue to go after stud athletes like Rob [Van Dam].

On Where He Thinks Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho Would Have Signed If Not For AEW:

That’s a tough one. You’d have to ask them that…. We made an offer to Chris that was a real good offer and I think if you could go back a year and it was us and WWE and New Japan, I think we would have had both of them.

On Whether He’s Still On Good Terms With Omega & Jericho:

I just saw Kenny last week and remain good friends with both guys.

On Reshaping The Roster:

We talked about reshaping the roster. We talked about a 12-18 month plan and that the roster would be evolving all the time.

People leave. We bring new people in. Rob Van Dam signing was huge. I got to call a lot of Rob’s matches in ECW…so having Rob Van Dam here is massive for us because Rob hasn’t really lost a step.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Credit: WrestlingInc.


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