Drew McIntyre on Facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 35, Brock Lesnar

Drew McIntyre appeared on WJLA’s Good Morning Washington show this morning to promote tonight’s WrestleMania 35 go-home edition of WWE RAW. Drew was there to promote his WrestleMania 35 match against Roman Reigns.

Drew said WWE officials are giving him a show of faith by booking him against Reigns’ in his first big singles match since returning from the leukemia battle.

“It’s wild,” Drew said of the match with Reigns. “You know, I’ve been back on Monday Night RAW for 10 months now and I’m fighting Roman Reigns, the #1 guy, returning from his illness in his first big singles match at WrestleMania. It’s pretty incredible, it’s a great opportunity and a show of faith by the company, in my ability now, and I’m very, very excited to give the world a performance they won’t forget.”

Drew also said Reigns is who he admires the most on the WWE roster right now. He was asked what it means to have WWE working with so many charities.

“It means the world,” Drew said. “We can make such a difference in so many different areas. Some areas that are very personal to myself, and with someone like Roman coming back, it’s his personal mission to get word out there and really make a difference. And I admire him more than probably anybody on the roster. I did strongly recommend that he didn’t accept my challenge for WrestleMania because I don’t want to have to embarrass him in front of the world, but fortunately now it’s a big marquee match, we’re two large men and we’re going to lay into each other pretty good.”

McIntyre also took a shot at WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar when plugging tonight’s RAW from the Capital One Arena and who will be there. He said, “Brock Lesnar’s actually going to show up tonight. Yeah, it sounds crazy but the champion’s actually there.”

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