Drew McIntyre Talks Heel or Face, How It Feels To Be Winning, Creation of the Claymore Kick

Drew McIntyre Talks Heel or Face, How It Feels To Be Winning, Creation of the Claymore Kick

Drew McIntyre spoke with WTOP-FM in Washington, DC earlier this week and said his WrestleMania 35 match with Roman Reigns is a huge opportunity. Regarding his current push, Drew said things are happening for a reason and he’s ready.

“It feels pretty fantastic,” Drew said when asked how it feels to win lately. “I’ve been back on Raw for less than a year and I’m obviously fighting Roman at WrestleMania and that’s a huge opportunity. But also, you know, it’s not my first day. I’m an 18-year overnight success, you may say, and things are happening for a reason and I’m ready for this opportunity.”

When asked if he prefers to work as a heel or face, McIntyre said bad guys have more fun but he enjoys both roles.

“Bad guys have more fun,” Drew said. “But I enjoy both; my story can work a couple of ways. It can be an inspiration that if you do work hard you will achieve anything you want, and it can also be, ‘Only I could do that.'”

McIntyre also told the story behind his Claymore Kick finisher, revealing that a tight pair of pants during his 3MB days led to the creation of the move.

“Funny story behind it,” Drew said. “Back in 3MB I was in a tag-team match: It was myself and Jinder against Ryback and somebody, and I was running to give Ryback a big boot. If you don’t know what a big boot is, it’s basically when you run at somebody and kick them in the face and you stay standing while you do it. Unfortunately, in 3MB I was wearing extremely tight leather pants that didn’t necessarily fit me. So as I ran to give him the big boot, the pants were so tight, as I raised my foot to his head, I had to kick up the other leg or I would have torn my crotch and I kept rotating around and landed on the back of my own head and knocked myself out. But once I watched it back, I went ‘Wow; that was really cool. If I can figure out how to do that kick without killing myself, I’ve got something here.’ And that’s the day the Claymore was created.”

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