Edge On The Time He Dressed Up As Umaga

Edge did a recent Q&A that Fightful covered. During the Q&A, he recalled a story of a time that he dressed up as Umaga at an event in which they were tagging in the main event. Here is his recount of the story:

It was in Rupp Arena, and I was teaming with Umaga in the main event against the Great Khali and Hurricane — that was the MAIN EVENT. Roster was a little thin! [Christian: “What was Hurricane doing in there?!”] Hurricane was the one you were concerned with!? I didn’t let Khali in that match, I just held on to Hurricane the whole time! I painted myself as Umaga and put “CANADA” on my stomach, and put tribal paint on and put my hair straight up. He didn’t see me until I walked out. He was the ‘Samoan Bulldozer,’ so I had them announce me as the ‘Canadian Backraker.’ I proceeded to rake Hurricane’s back the entire match. I was making noise and stomping with it, and Hurricane was wearing a shirt, which defeats the whole purpose, but I did it anyway.

Credit: Fightful.

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