Enzo Amore On His Friendship With Bray Wyatt

Enzo Amore

In another clip from Enzo Amore’s shoot video with the Title Match Network, Enzo Amore discusses his friendship with Bray Wyatt and how they got to be so close:

I’ve had four matches and they were all against Big E. All that happened is that he grabbed me and hit me with his finisher five times. Every time I took it, I took it a different way. I took wild bumps. Wyatt was sitting up there and I popped all the boys. They’re dying laughing. He pulls me aside and goes, ‘You’re going to be all right with me, boy.’ Here’s a guy whose dad is IRS, Blackjack Mulligan is his grandpa, Barry Windham is his uncle. This guy, who was born into the business, is the first guy to go, ‘Bro, f— what they’re saying. I know how hard you’re working and you’re willing to kill yourself out here.’ He loved my shtick. We’ve been best buddies ever since. Still love Bray.

You can listen to the video below:

Credit: Title Match Network.


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