Enzo and Cass Post Instagram Video, New Merchandise, Boast About Going Off-Script

Following their invasion of the G1 Supercard, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, who now go by the monikers nZo caZXL, released a promo video on Instagram bragging about how they’re always going off-script, and how they’re free to work wherever they want. They also show off some new merchandise, which they specify is only available for 10 days.

nZo: You can feel when it’s real. nZo.

caZXL: caZXL.

nZo: And we are…

Both: Free agency.

caZXL: And we are always off-script and these shirts are only on sale for a limited amount of time.

nZo: How much time?

caZXL: 10 days.

nZo: 10 days.

caZXL: 10 days.

nZo: Only 10 days. Represent.

caZXL: Step up.

Both: And get dropped.

Watch the promo in full below.


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