Eric Bischoff Discusses Vader’s Fight With Paul Orndorff That Led To His WCW Release

On his latest “83 Weeks” podcast, Eric Bischoff went into detail regarding the fight that Vader had with Paul Orndorff and his subsequent release from the company:

Vader could be difficult to work with, and I understood it. Center Stage [where WCW Saturday Night was taped] was a small tiny, stinky little building with no air conditioning and there wasn’t enough room for everybody. Vader was a big guy. Traveling was a pain in the a** for a big guy like Vader, just felt the grind. I get it. I get a guy losing his temper so that I am not holding against him.

But I had also seen Vader bully people when he was in a bad mood, so the whole f*** you I am not in the mood to do what you want me to do, and saying that to Paul Orndorff, who I also knew and trusted I could see how that went bad. I wasn’t there so I can’t validate or discredit the blow-by-blow that Vader gave, I will just let it sit where it sits and allow people that were there to describe it. But I made the decision to let him go because I believe Paul Orndorff, I knew Vader so I can see how it went down.”

Orndorff was working as an agent and producer at the time that he and Vader got into a physical altercation backstage. Vader’s volatile nature combined with most people siding with Orndorff made Bischoff’s decision to release Vader all the easier.

I decided to let him go because there was a pattern there. I saw it too often. He could be a big teddy bear and he can be the kindest, sweetest guy you ever met, or he can be a bully. So, I had to make a decision, and it boils down to who am I going to believe, and I talked to enough people who were there that saw it and basically said the same thing and that was when I made the decision that I made.

You can listen to the full episode of the “83 Weeks Podcast” featuring Vader below:

Credit: 83 Weeks Podcast. H/T WrestlingInc.

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