Eric Bischoff On If Randy Savage & Dennis Rodman Got Along During Their Time In WCW

Eric Bischoff On If Randy Savage & Dennis Rodman Got Along During Their Time In WCW

On the latest episode of “83 Weeks”, Eric Bischoff discussed the program between Randy Savage and Dennis Rodman and most notably, the match between the two that saw Savage throw Rodman into a port-o-potty and knock it over. Here are the highlights:

On If The Port-O-Potty Spot Was A Shoot:

No, no. They would have talked about it ahead of time. Dennis was really easy to work with in that regard. It was hard to get him real motivated, it was hard to get him to train and really prepare for a match. But in terms of what he was willing to do, he was very, very easy. And Randy, if you’ve ever heard any of the stories about Randy, he never improvised a match. Certainly while he worked with me. He was a very detail-oriented guy, wanted to lay every beat out. Wanted to make sure the guy he was working with understood all of those beats. So no, they definitely talked about that beforehand.

On If They Discussed Bringing In Carmen Electra:

It wasn’t discussed. There was a point in time where we were gonna do the February NBA replacement gig that we’ve talked about before, when NBC called me and said, ‘Hey, do you guys want two hours on a Monday night’ or wherever it was. Thursday night, can’t remember the night. And — no, it was a Tuesday night, I believe. And we were gonna put together a special, and there was some conversation about using Carmen Electra in that particular event. But there was never discussed to have her involved in Sturgis at all. Not even sure they [Electra and Rodman] were together at that point.

On Savage Liking Rodman:

He loved it. He loved it. You know, Randy knew a good opportunity when he saw one. And working with Randy, despite the fact that admittedly he didn’t get near the amount of coverage and buzz in ’99 as he had in the previous two years, he was still a hot enough property to be a guest on The Tonight Show. He was so bookable, as they say in that business. So Randy saw that as an opportunity, and he liked working with Rodman. Rodman and Randy got along fine. So there was no issue there.

On Using A Tonight Show Appearance To Set Up Their Match:

As far as setting it up with NBC, again that goes back to the relationship I had with a guy by the name of Gary Considine, who was the executive producer of The Tonight Show at that time. And we were constantly talking about different things that we could do together throughout the year to give The Tonight Show a little bit of a wrestling buzz, and to give WCW an opportunity to reach an audience it otherwise might not reach. So it was just consistent with things we had been doing, and wanted to do more of.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: 83 Weeks. H/T 411Mania.


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