Eric Bischoff Says Silver King “Never Got The Credit” For Being Such A Vital Part To Monday Night Nitro

Former WCW president Eric Bischoff caught up with TMZ to talk about the recent passing of famed luchador Silver King, who was only 51-years old. Bischoff states in the interview that Silver King was a vital part towards Monday Night Nitro’s success, and that he and the cruiserweights at the time never received the credit they deserved.

The luchadores, that whole crew that came out of Mexico and were such a vital, important part of ‘Nitro’ … they never really got the credit. They were really way more responsible for the success of ‘Nitro’ and giving ‘Nitro’ the ability to outperform [WWE] than they were ever given credit for … including by me.

Bischoff would go on to talk about Silver King’s legacy, calling him one of the nicest guys he’s ever met in the business before claiming he helped bring lucha-style wrestling into popular culture. Check out Bischoff’s full clip with TMZ below.

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